Emergency Contact Information Worksheet

The Whitesboro Fire Department receives all 911 calls for emergencies in the fire district. In the event of an emergency after business hours, we may need to quickly contact a business owner, manager, or other authorized person, who can respond with keys to a property, reset a ringing alarm, provide helpful information, represent an owner’s interests, or secure the property after a fire or break-in. We have developed a database to manage this information and are soliciting updated information about contact persons for your business.

Please fill-in the information below, providing us with at least two contact names (preferably three) so that a notification can always be made. The contact information will be kept confidential in the Whitesboro Fire Department database and shared with the Oneida County 911 Communications Center only to be used for notification purposes by the 911 Center and/or Fire Department personnel.

    Business Information

    Emergency Contacts

    Emergency Contact 1

    Emergency Contact 2

    Emergency Contact 3

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