Whitesboro Volunteer Fire Department
Member Application

    Education and Training

    Driving Record Check

    Availability and Employment History

    Volunteer Fire Department Acknowledged Requirements

    Selected applicants will be subject to a 12-month probationary period with review after six (6) months. The following must be completed or accomplished during the 12-month probationary period:

    1. Attend monthly meetings (First Monday of each month) - Required Training Drills with the Fire Department.
    2. Attend functions of Fire Department.
    3. Attend fund drive.

    There will be additional training required after becoming an active member of the Fire Department. Firefighters will be required to:

    1. Start NYS BEFO course within the first year and required OSHA / Infectious Control / Workplace Violence / Sexual Harassment & NIMS.
    2. Complete First Responder course (40 hours) or EMT training within 2 years for active members.
    3. Attend Hazardous Material training - Attend Regional and Sectional Schools (awareness level) when offered.
    4. Attend training as prescribed in the Fire Department Bylaws and Operation Instructions.
    5. Being a firefighter is an emotionally challenging job and provides you with self-respect and self-satisfaction. Firefighting requires training and demands team effort and respect from each individual firefighter in the Department.

    I have read these requirements and agree to them.

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