Chief – Peter J. Sobel

Chief Sobel is embarking on his 15th year as the organization leader of over 45 firefighters and EMTs. With an average of 650 responses per year, it is the Chief’s responsibility, through the elected Deputy Chiefs, Captains, and Lieutenants that report to him, that the everyday tasks of call responses, equipment staffing and safety, and EMS personnel, are functioning at the highest level of preparedness, to protect our community.


President – Kevin W. Lansing

President Lansing is embarking on his 4th year as the Civil leader of the organization, responsible for overseeing the civil activities of the organization, including the annual budget, fund raiser, membership status, monthly meetings, by-laws, and non-emergency equipment. The President oversees the elected Treasurers, Secretaries, County and State delegates, as well as the department’s Board of Directors.

Althoff, LarryDriver/Interior FF – Board Member

Ambrose, CarmenCaptain

Ambrosi, ToriExterior FF

Belluccio, MikeFire Police, Treasurer

Cadwell, EricCivil

Conti, NickInterior FF

Daviau, MarkCivil, Board Member

Daviau, RayExterior FF

DeAngelo, GeorgeEMT

Decker, RyanEMT

Dolan, SamanthaExterior FF

Gallimo, EdCivil

Glenn, DaveDeputy Chief

Haas, MichaelEMT-P, Assistant Treasurer

Jacobowitz, DavidPast Chief, Civil

Jones, JeffInterior FF, Board Member

Kiefer, GaryFF/EMT-P

Kiefer, LyndaFF/EMT

Kilmartin, CodyExterior FF

Lansing, KevinDriver/Exterior FF – President

LeBuis, JerryCivil, Vice-President

Lenhardt, JoeLieutenant, Board Member

Massarotti, GeorgeAssistant Chief

McQueen, BrianPast Chief, Safety Officer, Board Member

Millan, JasonExterior FF

Montana, JasonDeputy Chief

Park, ChrisInterior FF

Parker, JohnExterior FF, Board Member

Pohoreskey, BrittanyEMT, Recording Secretary

Potasiewicz, MattLieutenant

Raiser, MeganInterior FF

Robinson, JamesLieutenant

Ryan, JacobInterior

Ryan, JordanInterior

Ryan Jr., TimCaptain

Ryan Sr., TimExterior FF

Schug Sr., DonFire Police

Smith, CarlieExterior FF

Sobel, AndrewExterior FF

Sobel, PeterChief

Szemeczko, JeffreyLieutenant, Corresponding Secretary

Volz, DaveCivil

Wojtowycz, JacobExterior FF

Zabek, MattCivil